Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom Don't Forget I Love You!!!

I got my first award! I got my first award! This blog thing is turning into a really positive experience:) Justine over at Tiney Froggy Bloggy gave this to me! Thank you so much!
So...Holy freaking cat crap!! Can I just say WOW!
I am really overwhelmed and kind of scared! I am getting nervous and I think I am starting to sweat!

I am blown away but the amazing welcome I received!
I never expected such a positive and immense outpouring of affection over my blog.
It is obvious that there are soooo many really sweet and amazing people in blogland that really care about my mother enough to comment on her daughters blog.

I appreciate every last one of you it really means a lot to both my mother and I. But dang! Talk about performance anxiety!!

So please bear with me and be patient because I am new at this! I may not have proper bloggy manners and might make a few mistakes but I promise with help from all of you wonderful people, and of course my loud and sometime naggy mother (remember I still love you), I will get this figured out in no time.

So my phone was blowing up this weekend and guess who the culprit was...that is right, Nikki Mom.I have her a little worried, OK a lot worried!! She is scared of all the power I have right now. This feels so delicious, warm and fuzzy like being wrapped in a blanket of chocolate. Oh the things I could do with this power!

I can put fear in my mothers eyes like the fear she put in mine the time she caught me intoxicated and I tried to cover it up by brushing my teeth but her mommy sense is always right and she smelled my breath and OH BOY was I scared!

When my mommy is mad it is a sight to behold!
There are very few people in this world that I am afraid of but my mom is numero uno!

So because of this fear and my innate sense of self preservation there are some things that I can't do.
I had to promise to never put a picture up of her or she would poke my eyes out with those scary little cat torture tools that she talks about.
But other than that she didn't have any other restrictions so let the blogging wars begin!

Don't forget woman that I am much younger than you and have more stamina!

Twice as Nice had a great idea since my mom has "I Wish Wednesday" that I should have "Wacky Mom Wednesday" and I am really liking the idea! So let me know what you think and if there is anything you want to know besides what she looks like.
Because I am not kidding...she scares the sh@! out of me!


  1. I know you are Beautiful...and your sister is I can just imagine that your mom is just as HOT....the genetics just can't work any other way!

    Congrats on your award! ♥

  2. Congrats on your award Lindsey! I'd love to read Wackey Mom Wednesdays. Hee hee hee!

    Hey Nikki, I know you're reading this... Why can't Lindsey post a picture of you??? Geesch, you even put my picture in one of your posts, so give it up woman!

    Thanks Lindsey, I just had to vent a little! ☺ Diane

  3. LOL Just remember my dear one...I brought you into this I can TAKE YOU OUT of it too!!!! And forget about those scary cat eye thingies...I'll use my STUN GUN! And lets face it my precious child....Wacky Mom Wed. wouldn't last very long. Because I'm too normal and if you did Wacky Grandma Weds you could post for a hundred years!!! Because Grandma stories are ENDLESS!

  4. Congratulations on your first of many awards! The awards will reeeeely start coming in when you do the Wacky Mom Wed. posts! laurie

  5. Holy crap…
    Aaa, I mean congratulations?
    No really, good for you. Not that I'm jealous or anything. 43 followers, an award and all after what, a couple hundred posts. Oh, no, wait… TWO.
    No for real, you are a good writer and I love your mom's blog and I thing I'm going to feel the same about yours as soon as I get over being jealous. You're off to a good start! Keep up the good work!
    And CONGRATS! ;-)

  6. Now wait a minute.............Wacky Grandma Wed. Both of you need to remember that you were taught to "respect your elders" and boy am I an elder!!!! respect - no Wacky Grandma Wed. Besides as dull and normal as I am you could never keep it going very you two, I could really have fun with Wacky Granddaughter/daughter Thursday.
    Love, Grandma/Ma

  7. Congrats on your first award!

    I'm laughing so hard at your post then at the comments, especially from nikki!

  8. My goal in life is to have BG scared to death of me when she is a teenager, lol!

  9. I'm thinking a Wacky Mom/Grandmom Wednesday is a good idea based on the fact that they both protested so much! They must have stuff to hide, and you need to spill the beans.

    And yes, cat crap is holy freaking!

    blogging wars!!
    Let the games begin! Front row tickets baby!! yeaaahhh ;D

  11. Well darn, I wanted to know what your mom looks like, because I suspect that despite what she says on her blog, she is actually very pretty!

    I wouldn't want to endanger your life by making such a request though. If you ever have a Wacky Mom Wednesday, let me know because I have some great mom stories to share.


  12. "I may not have proper bloggy manners and might make a few mistakes but I promise with help from all of you wonderful people,"
    Speaking for this one wonderful person, I haven't seen the rules of blogging. So, don't worry about my judgement. As I'm just the dingy scattered person on my blog as I am in real life, I'm out here being wonderful and non judgey with all the blogs I follow.

  13. Oh, this is so delicious! I can't see what you can come up with! Now, I know your mom is all freakazoid about having her picture shown (though God knows why), but you can always "edit" them a bit. Ya know, so that YOU know it's her, but no one else can be quite sure. heeheeheeeeeeeee! Your Mom's gonna kick my ass too while she's at it!
    Now, if only we could get lacy to start a blog too... hmmm... a bloggy triangle.

    Justine :o )

  14. Congrats on such a great acomplishment after two posts!! Your blog is sure to be a great one!

    Oh--be nice to your mother!

  15. Wacky Mom Wednesday? hmmmmmmmm....
    Might be a lot of fun!
    We love your Mom though....wouldn't want you to rat her out (just yet). Wait 'till your 10th post at least!
    Justine!!!! Holy Mother of PEARL, get your mind out of the gutter! A bloggy triangle???? Geez woman!
    Lindsey, ignore her~

  16. I can tell this is going to be a great blog!!

  17. I so love that...wacky mom Wednesday! I say go for it! And ya, I think Lacey should start a blog too...good idea Justine!

    Congrats on the award tho! And pleazzeee don't worry about bloggy manners!!!


  18. Don't listen to your mom....she's all talk. Congrats on your first award!!

  19. Congratulations on your first award! Hooray!

    I say let the blogging wars begin, sister! Your grandma sounds like she needs a blog of her own!

  20. Congrats on your first award! I agree "WAcky Mom Wednesday" as Martha would say "Is a good thing." ~ Robyn

  21. There is a certain power in owning a blog, isn't there? I'm certainly enjoying this mother/daughter war...or tip toe through the tulips. Yes, please post a photo of wacky mom :)

  22. Congrats on you award! Just found your blog and I'm following now. Tanker Spanker is a cutie. Woof!