Monday, April 27, 2009

Mom Don't Forget I Love You!!!

I got my first award! I got my first award! This blog thing is turning into a really positive experience:) Justine over at Tiney Froggy Bloggy gave this to me! Thank you so much!
So...Holy freaking cat crap!! Can I just say WOW!
I am really overwhelmed and kind of scared! I am getting nervous and I think I am starting to sweat!

I am blown away but the amazing welcome I received!
I never expected such a positive and immense outpouring of affection over my blog.
It is obvious that there are soooo many really sweet and amazing people in blogland that really care about my mother enough to comment on her daughters blog.

I appreciate every last one of you it really means a lot to both my mother and I. But dang! Talk about performance anxiety!!

So please bear with me and be patient because I am new at this! I may not have proper bloggy manners and might make a few mistakes but I promise with help from all of you wonderful people, and of course my loud and sometime naggy mother (remember I still love you), I will get this figured out in no time.

So my phone was blowing up this weekend and guess who the culprit was...that is right, Nikki Mom.I have her a little worried, OK a lot worried!! She is scared of all the power I have right now. This feels so delicious, warm and fuzzy like being wrapped in a blanket of chocolate. Oh the things I could do with this power!

I can put fear in my mothers eyes like the fear she put in mine the time she caught me intoxicated and I tried to cover it up by brushing my teeth but her mommy sense is always right and she smelled my breath and OH BOY was I scared!

When my mommy is mad it is a sight to behold!
There are very few people in this world that I am afraid of but my mom is numero uno!

So because of this fear and my innate sense of self preservation there are some things that I can't do.
I had to promise to never put a picture up of her or she would poke my eyes out with those scary little cat torture tools that she talks about.
But other than that she didn't have any other restrictions so let the blogging wars begin!

Don't forget woman that I am much younger than you and have more stamina!

Twice as Nice had a great idea since my mom has "I Wish Wednesday" that I should have "Wacky Mom Wednesday" and I am really liking the idea! So let me know what you think and if there is anything you want to know besides what she looks like.
Because I am not kidding...she scares the sh@! out of me!

Friday, April 24, 2009

The Water is Not That Bad!

So here I go!!

I have been slowly circling the black hole of blogland for a few months now. Just observing it from a safe distance but not quite ready to get sucked in.

It all started when my mom, yes my technologically inept mom, calls me and says she has a blog!

My mother doesn't even know how to text message yet somehow she not only knows what a blog is but actually has one?!

Even my seventy something Grandma knows how to text and send picture messages!

So immediately after this phone conversation I had to check it out and was flabbergasted.

I always knew my mom was funny, she has always been funny, but I didn't realize that other people thought she was funny. I mean come on...she is just my mom! I though it was only I that understood her quirky sense of humor.

Not only that people think she is COOL!? I spent most of my young teenage years being completely embarrassed in public because I swear she can't control the volume of her voice! Well, that's not really fair because my whole family has that problem. We always joke that when we are having a family argument the one talking the loudest is winning.

Anyways I became hooked! Always checking to see if she had posted a new one...then slowly started reading and following the blogs that she would recommend...

It is now safe to say that I am hooked!
I need my daily injection of blog or I start to go through with bloggy withdrawals.

I never thought that what my mom had to say would ever be such a fun part of my day.
Hell I have only spent a better part of the last 27 years trying to ignore her (again that whole volume thing didn't help)!

So thanks a lot mom! I now have another addiction that is going to make my boyfriend crazy! As if my addiction to mindless and trashy reality shows weren't enough...

I am now going to ignore him to tell complete strangers about my not so interesting life!

So 10 years down the road when I am totally alone and become a crazy cat lady that smells like I sleep in a litter box it is all your fault!