Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sneaky Ninja

So I am a Ninja!
Right around the first of April I was lying in bed and couldn't go back to sleep after a very eventful Friday night that involved an evil brown liquid mixed with red bull so that I had so much caffeine racing through my body that I was only able to sleep 4 hours when I got a great idea (I always get my best ideas when I am driving or hungover).

I wanted to do something special for my mom for mothers day because I hadn't seen her in almost two years and she is the best mom in the world and deserved something nice. So I give ol' Ninja Granny a call and asked her what she thought about us flying out to see my mom but doing it Ninja style so that my mom wouldn't even know it was happening.She though it was a great idea but we had to get my moms Ninja Hubby involved or there was no way we were going to pull this off. So me being a very talented Ninja, or liar, I made up some B.S. story about if anything bad happened to me I would need to give my boyfriend both her and her husbands phone number (cell included) so that he could get a hold of them....blah, blah, blah and she bought it!

Not only did she buy it but she told Ninja Hubby that she was proud of me for being so responsible. HA HA HA! I wasn't being responsible! I was being a big fat Ninja liar!

So I call Ninja Hubby on his cell and he helps us out by making up a story how he has to go to Montreal for work and he wants her to go so she needs to ask time off for work. So the stage is set and we have to wait a month and hope that someone doesn't slip and ruin the surprise.
That could be an easy task except for the fact that Ninja Grandma lets EVERYTHING slip! She even linked my mom to a family members blog that talked about my grandma traveling back east and being exposed to swine flu. Luckily it is my Grandma and she tends to be a worry wart so my mom just figured she was being paranoid about swine flu when she was coming to visit her LATER in the summer as they had planned.


We arrive as planned and walk in the door and Ozzie starts barking like a crazed maniac because two strangers dared to enter his house. I hear my mom start walking down the stairs and she takes a look at me and for half a second she acts like she has no idea who I am. Then she looks at my grandma and then she starts screaming!! Screaming and crying and hugging, it was quite a scene!

So for all of you who have wasted time reading through all this gibberish and fancy drawings just to find out if I got any pictures..........alas those few moments of your life has been in vain!

While I was on my layover in Charlotte my boyfriend called me and reminded me that I forgot my camera! Dag nabbit! I wanted pictures so I could use them to blackmail my mother!

I guess I am not a good Ninja after all. Ninja's never forget there camera!


  1. How fun! I love the sneakiness of it all. Good job.

    And I happen to be your Mother's number one fan.

    Hmm. That doesn't sound quite right. Oh well!

    heh heh

  2. My son, who thinks he is quite the ninja, could take ninja lessons from you! Glad you pulled it all off. I know your mother loved it!


  3. This was awesome, oh mighty Ninja! Great job! But next time - bring the camera!!! ☺♥☺ Diane

  4. Way to go - I'm glad you pulled it off and Gram's didn't let it slip! But pix would've been the icing on the cake! ~ Robyn

  5. I don't know how you could pull it off without someone slipping. I would be a nervous wreck over all the details working out.
    I'm gld everything went as planned. Your mom sure had a good time.

  6. Great job except for the missing camera!! But hey, that goes on around here also!!

  7. You IDIOT!!!!!! You left your camera at HOME? Why didn't you just buy a new one? Or better yet, steal your mom's while she wasn't looking! Argh!!!!!!!!!!!
    And, um... why didn't you have your mom's phone numbers in the first place? This part made no sense to me. Hmmm.
    And wow, 2 years without clapping eyes on mom? You may be a halfway decent ninja, but you sucky sucky daughter. LOL! I'm just kiddin'!!!!!!!!!

    I want to hear more stories about your trip though!

    Justine :o )

  8. NO Camera??????
    How funny! Love the story...and the "pictures"!

  9. I loved this!! Your little picture people are great! Sooo you! Miss and love you!

  10. The granny ninja had me ROLLING!! That was pretty dang funny...and so was Justine's comment about "sucky sucky daughter" even though it's not are an AWESOME daughter! And I think your ninja skills pretty much rock! It's just that Ozzie is a ninja doggy trained by the best ninja in town....ME!

  11. Hoorah for me!!! Now I am a Ninja Granny - never thought I would see the day. But you did good - I did good and we had a great time.
    Ninja Granny

  12. awww what a great story! and i love that you call them by their ninja names!

  13. Hi. I'm here from Bo's blog. Love the dogs. They are always loyal--something very few men can be.

    I have an Italian Greyhound. The sweetest dog in Arizona!

  14. Hi Lindsay! I think I sent you a neighbor or friend request for Farm Town or it may have been facebook, I'm not sure, but I'm looking for neighbors! ☺ diane

  15. So, you and your blog is hilarious. But no update since May? Boooooo.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog! I've added you to my Reader. Which I guess will remain dormant.

  16. Ninjas !!!!! I knew they congregated in utah !!

  17. Wow...what a wonderful surprise for your Mom. You were very thoughtful to do that for her and I'm sure she'll remember it forever. Submit CUTE or FUNNY photos and tell friends to vote for them. No entry fee.